Welcome to the Last Word.

We are specialists in video production and offer our clients the opportunity to create an everlasting message to loved ones and friends. They say a photo speaks a thousand words, and they’re right, yet video and sound offers so much more than a simple photo. We can help you create a professional video* for many situations, leaving a lasting message for those you love, quite literally your “Last Word”. Some of the reasons people may want to leave a personal message can include;


Deliver your own Eulogy

To be played at your funeral, addressing your loved ones and friends directly, even after you have gone.


Emergency Services

Police, Ambulance and Fire services members

Individual private messages

To partners, sons or daughters or close friends

Terminal Illness

Create a lasting message.

Serving military personnel

Posted overseas to areas of conflict that wish to create an “insurance policy”, should they not return

Time capsules

Imagine creating a video of this time in your life, something you can reflect on in 10, 20 or even 30 years from now.

The reasons are endless and you may have your own motivation to produce a professional quality video. Whatever your motivation we can help you.
Why choose us? Professional equipment, lighting, sound and video quality edited and produced with your direction and involvement. We can even restore old photos to be included in your production.

Whatever your needs we can assist you in creating a quality production that you will be proud to leave for your family and friends.